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~Milton Erickson~




About me


My name is Doreen Hoppe and I am a London and Essex based hypnobirthing teacher and hypnotherapy practitioner.


    - I understand you may be new to hypnotherapy.

    - You may not know what to expect.

    - You may have a lot of questions.

    - You may be looking for a new therapist. 

    - You may be looking for emergency sessions. 

Whatever your situation, I am here to put you at ease.

If you want a quick chat before you decide whether hypnotherapy is for you, that's absolutely fine. Do feel free to call or just call or just drop me an email here.


I am registered with the National Hypnotherapy Society the largest UK professional body, recommended by the NHS.

I mainly work privately but have also worked with the Royal Free hospital where with the support of the complimentary therapy team, I worked with patients helping them with their therapy needs.

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Why I came to be a Hypnotherapist

For more than 30 years I had been an ice skating coach working with children and adults, from grass roots to elite level. I taught the techniques required to become successful and gained an immense insight into the thought process of what it takes to become a world class athlete. Their unique ability to make better informed and quick decisions and how their psychological state of mind worked leading up to an event.

Some athletes thrived on the expectation of performing and winning, whilst others had complete meltdowns and their mind would go blank and even forget what they were doing whilst competing or performing. The physical ability was there, but the mental ability wasn’t. Confidence and self belief were lacking and no amount of reassurance given to them would make a difference.


With these first hand experiences and the understanding that the workings of the mind play such an important role in ones behaviour and mental strength, I was able to adapt my coaching technique to ensure that every pupil performed at their absolute best, both physically and mentally,.


A healthy and positive mind and way of thinking are of prime importance to everyone in their day to day lives. With my passion growing,  I knew I wanted to make a positive change to the lives, of not just athletes,  but to people from all walks of life. This is why I embarked on a new career path into realms of psychotherapy.


This gave me the knowledge, qualifications and expertise needed to practise hypnotherapy and use techniques to make changes to your subconscious level, by giving positive suggestions, which change your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

About Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy is often a matter of tipping the first domino. (Milton Erikson 1901-1980 - American psychiatrist and psychologist specialising in medical hypnosis and family therapy). The way we conduct a session now is infinitely different from how things were seen and conducted in the ancient past. The Australian aborigines have used the hypnotic trance state for thousands of years and still do. Similar practices can be observed in Native Americans and in the Hindu culture.


Mental wellbeing is a detailed account of your mental state which can change on a day to day basis. When stress, anxiety, lack of confidence and other issues arise, hypnotherapy is a natural and very effective solution. Hypnosis is a state of mind brought about by the use of a set of techniques enabling you to fully relax. It enhances your concentration and increases your responsiveness to suggestions in order to make the beneficial changes that you may wish to make in your thought patterns, your behaviours or your physiological state. Imagination is the language of the subconscious.


Are you in control?


   - Hypnosis is a completely natural state.

    -It cannot make you do anything you do not wish to do or that you morally object to.

    -You cannot get ‘fixed’ in hypnosis and you can leave the state of hypnosis, whenever you wish to.


In order to achieve the best results for you, a number of factors need to be considered.

    -The type of issue you are presenting to myself.

    - Your belief regarding change.

    - Your motivation.

Your need to change and the consequences of that change are all extremely important factors. In particular, the important therapeutic relationship.

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