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Hypnotherapy can really help.


Hypnotherapy for stress can be effective by adapting your reaction to a particular situation during hypnosis to a more positive one. Hypnosis can enable you to  identify the cause of your stress and help you make positive change.


Stress is recognised as one of the main causes of sick absence from the work place. 2016 Government statistics showed that about half a million people in the UK experienced work related stress.


Stress may manifest itself as a physical change. For example, if you are in a demanding situation, your body will release ‘fight or flight’ chemicals, to prepare you for a potential set of circumstances. The internal changes, i.e. the chemical releases in your body that occur, will make it easier for you to ‘fight or flight’, in given locations and surroundings of a place.


Unfortunately, these internal changes, will not help you in a busy office environment or on the tube in rush hour, as you will not be able to ‘fight or flight’ and you will not be able to use up the chemicals your body has produced. If this happens continuously, it can result in the feelings of nausea, headaches and indigestion. You may start to perspire profusely, experience heart palpitations and even hyperventilate.


These symptoms can then lead to even more heightened stress levels, as you may worry that you have an even more serious condition.  It is something that happens automatically in your body and you have no control over it.


Emotional changes could be apparent compromising of;


    - Frustration 

    - Fear 

    - Anger

    - Depression

     -And anxiety, feeding on each other and often resulting in physical symptoms.


Behavioural changes can occur:


    - Difficulty in sleeping

    - Indecisiveness 

    - Defensive or being withdrawn.



Stress is dealt with differently from one person to another. You might find a situation at your work place highly stressful; yet another person on your team may seem to cope with the situation really well.


Some people may find public speaking comfortable and even fun, yet others may dread the feeling of being the centre of attention and exhibit signs of stress.


"Self confidence is belief in yourself"

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