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Nothing is better than when I get great feedback from my clients - Hopefully, their comments will give you comfort that my hypnotherapy sessions can make a real positive difference to your life.

Client #1


"Doreen worked with me to assist me during a particular stressful time. I found her manor very friendly and professional and she immediately put me at ease. Her voice was so therapeutic,  felt relaxed even just talking to her before the hypnotherapy actually started! The sessions really helped and they left me feeling so much better. I would definitely recommend Doreen as a Hypnotherapist."

Client #2

"I had been a smoker for 10 years, smoking 20 a day. I have tried many methods of quitting prior to hypnotherapy and always ended up going back to it. I was sceptical of hypnotherapy as I didn't feel like I was capable of stopping and felt like this treatment wasn't for me, but what did I have to lose? After one session I had changed my entire outlook. We had a very straightforward and relaxed conversation about what I feel are my triggers, which just shows that each smoker is not the same and that it's about the individual. After the therapy I had a whole new perspective and genuinely felt like a whole new person. I am so happy to have met Doreen and can't recommend her enough.. I will be back to see her again for a phobia that I have and I genuinely can't wait."

Client #3

"Since having my babies, I suffer from a lot of anxiety and have often experienced what I now know are panic attacks without

knowing why. I think the lack of sleep probably hasn't helped. I didn't want to resort to taking pills, so I did some research  and decided to try a recommended hypnotherapist Doreen Hoppe and OH  MY GOD, she's amazing! She came to my home when the kids were in bed and made me feel completely at ease. She was able to put me in a daydream like trance but I still remained in complete control the whole time. I have just completed my second session with Doreen, she is so lovely and it is so nice to just have tome 'me time'. I honestly cant recommend her enough."

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