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Quit smoking with Hypnotherapy

Did you know that when you quit smoking, the body can recover faster and the risk of developing serious health conditions decreases.

You will find the benefits kick in fairly quickly. Some of which include, having more energy, better breathing, the appearance of your skin should dramatically improve, money saving! Save the money and at the end of the year, buy yourself something that you may not have had the money to buy before.

People fear quitting, the time never seems to be right. Let's make it a new year resolution to quit! Come and join me in a Hypnotherapy session, all it takes is 2 hours and that you really want to quit, for the session to be successful. The therapy works by breaking the negative behaviours associated with smoking and then changing the thought patterns to positive suggestions, developing new patterns of thinking.

I am offering a 25% discount, to anyone that signs up in December.

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