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Mental Health...Anxiety

On awakening at the unearthly hour of 03.00hrs on Monday morning and unable to go back to sleep, I tuned into LBC on the radio and was compelled to listen to the presenter, Matthew Stadlen on the graveyard shift, speaking eloquently about his mental health issue which he was experiencing, namely anxiety. I admire his honesty, openness and willingness to speak out. What a commendable show of truth, to the issues of mental health. He proceeded to talk about the stressful week he had and believed the anxiety he was feeling, was a direct result of the stressful week he had endured. The anxiety presented itself, as he told it, whilst driving, he felt himself 'digging his fingernails into the leather steering wheel'. His honesty on radio to his audience was exemplary. After letting us all in on his anxiety issue, he then proceeded to say that the switchboard was ablaze with calls waiting to speak to him and it was only 03.30! I listened to callers, talking about their issues and the dark moments that they had felt and that some were still feeling.

It really got me thinking about how everything was changing with people being able to discuss their mental health issues, far more easily now than ever before. We now have so many avenues we can take to receive the care and help that is needed. Take a look at how many celebrities are now coming forward and speaking out about themselves. The coverage through media is extensive and rightly so. We need to make a difference and listen to the people struggling with mental health issues.

You are not alone!

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