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Mental Health Week 14th-20th May

Reach out…Speak out. This is a profound statement for the many that suffer with mental health issues. So many children, adolescents and adults are not heard and at times not believed or that they are exaggerating and should just get on with it, it will pass and get better by itself. So many are afraid to speak out and talk their issues and problems through. Why, should one be scared to open up about depression, anxiety, stress or any other mental health issue. Surely, we, as compassionate humans have the desire to help, have the time to listen and have empathy.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Not having the time to listen, too busy. No wonder that no one wants to talk. It’s a taboo subject; a stigma has been attached to it. The mental health subject has been hidden for so long, until Heads Together came about and changed the path of mental health well being. The driving forces behind this charity are, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. Collectively, they have endeavoured to make certain that people feel comfortable with their mental well being. Programmes are being devised to make surer there is enough help out there for everyone that seeks it. Early intervention programmes are going to be put into place, to anyone wishing the support.

The BBC has documented a shocking report, statistics show that 146 students have committed suicide in 2016. The suicide rate amongst UK students is higher than among the general population of their age group (BBC news, 13th April 2018). These figures have increased over the years. They are somebody's child, sister, brother. The heartache for the family, not knowing the situation or knowing and not being able to help or support the individual, will be devastating. Universities have seen a sharp increase in the number of students trying to seek help.

Reach out and take time to consider someone that you may know that is suffering with a mental health issue. For them, it feels like no one is listening.

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